Library and Media

The Albany Elementary Media Center is centrally located off the office and gymnasium and welcomes all visitors.  It is filled with colorful posters, stuffed animals, favorite book characters, and comfortable seating.  Off of our library is our courtyard complete with a gazebo, small pond, as well as flowers maintained by our local Girl Scout Troupe, and small trees.  Our library also houses our 30-computer lab, which allows students to work on programs as a class as well as use the internet for research and learning.  Our lab also allows students to test as a complete class when it comes to the state standardized testing.

All classes visit the library at least once a week.  Students receive instruction on library skills, fiction and non-fiction, the Dewey Decimal System, how to use the automated library computer system, as well as an introduction to reference books and dictionaries.  Students are encouraged to learn where different collections are located, and we empower them to find authors and series they enjoy. 

We utilize the Accelerated Reader program and students are encouraged to read books, take tests, get points, and move up our AR wall in order to receive prizes for different levels achieved.  We want all students to compete not with each other but with themselves to do the best they can because we believe you must, “Read to Succeed.”  AR prizes vary from bookmarks and pencils to candy bars and gift certificates. 

Every fall we offer a Book Fair.  Students look forward to this each year because it allows them to do the shopping for books, graphic novels, and journals.  Every purchase at our Book Fair directly helps us purchase books and incentives for our library.   

Coming to the library is a fun and enlightening experience for all students, even for the student who doesn’t enjoy reading as much as other subjects.  Children explore books, graphic novels, authors, and series that grab ahold of them and transports them into another world full of imagination and wonder because that’s what reading is all about.