All students in grades K-5 participate in art class one time evert four days for 40 minutes.

The elementary art program is a visual program, hands on and creative, introducing artistic knowledge to all children. The art classes contribute to an understanding of the world the student lives in; reacting to the things we see and feel, and interpreting emotions, thoughts, and insights through a variety of visual materials.

In each grade level, we work in the following areas: art history, art criticism, art production, and aesthetics. These are all integrated through a hands-on approach.

Each year we have a different artist, theme or type of art work. Each class level works in an area, doing a different art form. This works out well because the students get to see different creations being made and yet they all aren't making the same thing. These are all being made using many varieties of art media.

Each spring, we have an art show displayed in the hallways at Albany Elementary.  We also help teachers with special art projects they're doing in their classes, plus we integrate art with the subject areas in their classrooms.