Language, Speech and Hearing

Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy services during the school day are available to students exhibiting communications disorders such as delayed speech sound development, stuttering, and delayed language development.  Parent permission must be obtained and an evaluation by the speech/language pathologist completed before a student can be found eligible to receive therapy services.  Once an evaluation is completed a case conference comprised of the parent, speech pathologist, student’s teacher and principal is held to review the evaluation results and determine a plan best suited for each individual student.  Students may be identified for evaluation through screening or referral for consideration by teachers and/or parents.  

Parents may request information about their child’s speech and language development by contacting the Speech/Language Pathologist at Albany Elementary.


Hearing Screening

Indiana State Law requires hearing screening for students in the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth grades, students who have a history of hearing problems, new students to the Delaware Community School District, and students who have a known hearing loss.  The speech/language pathologist informs parents of any hearing problems or changes in their child’s hearing acuity.

Parents may call Albany Elementary at any time to request additional hearing screening for their child.