Special Needs

The Special Needs classroom is a special education class for kindergarten through fifth grade students here at Albany Elementary.  We work extremely hard on academic skills such as reading, mathematics, and spelling.  Each day we have a group activity focusing on cooking, science experiments, history lessons, arts and crafts, or computer skills.  We greatly enjoy Art, PE, Music, or Library each day.  

While the classroom is mainly academic based, we also focus a great deal on daily living skills.  We work on personal hygiene skills, self-help skills, independent living skills, stating our personal information for safety, and community safety skills.  Each week, weather permitting, we walk to a place of business within the town of Albany.  This allows us to work on community safety skills, exchanging money for our wants and needs, and socially interacting for a common purpose. 

The class  takes great pride in focusing on using proper manners.  We work hard on showing common curtesy, thoughtfulness, kindness, and encouragement towards others.  

If you are interested in learning more about our classroom we would love to have you stop by and see us!