Fifth Grade

As fifth grade teachers, we would like to welcome all future students to our classes.  It is our goal to prepare your children for success in sixth grade at Delta Middle School.  

What follows is a brief overview of our curriculum.


Fifth grade math will consist of a review of skills learned in previous grades as well as several new skills.  Some of these skills include fractions, decimals, and geometry.  Weekly fact quizzes will be given to ensure that all math facts have been mastered before moving to middle school.  


In fifth grade, we mainly work on comprehension.  Students need to understand what they read.  Students are given time to read daily and are expected to take Accelerated Reader (A.R.) quizzes over the books that they read.  A quarterly A.R. goal will be given and will be a part of their report card grade.


Grammar and the writing process will be taught.  Students will practice persuasive, informational, and narrative writing.


Students will have a weekly spelling list that they will need to study for their test.  Occasional assignments may be given to help study these words.

Social Studies/Science:

Time is split between Social Studies and Science.  In Social Studies, students study United States history and learn state locations.  In Science, some of the topics we cover are the scientific process and human development.

Our curriculum is supplemented each year by a variety of special events such as field trips and convocations.  Fifth grade students work daily on following the Albany PRIDE Pledge and making a positive contribution to the school with daily acts of kindness.