Physical Education

Physical Education at Albany Elementary is geared to providing learning opportunities that will enhance the lives of our students. It is my intention to make Physical Education fun and exciting for the students, while at the same time, teaching aspects of basic movement, sports skills, creativity, and good sportsmanship.

Kindergarten, first and second grades participate in basic motor movement activities to enhance their ability to move with confidence. Some of the movements included are: galloping, skipping, hopping, jumping, distance running, sprinting, throwing, catching, chasing, bouncing, and kicking. All of those movements will be used throughout the Physical Education experience through high school.

Third grade is a special age of transition from lower elementary to upper elementary and the activities included are a blend of each. Many of the activities are the same as in the lower grades, but with higher expectations of performance. Game strategies are introduced to help the students see that there is more to playing a game than just the physical actions. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized more at this level to help develop a sense of cooperation.

Fourth and fifth grades are faced with actual sports activities. They learn more of the rules of each sport and some of the strategies to help them have success in it. We cover football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, kickball, wall ball, and other related activities.

The curriculum flows from lower elementary lead-up games and activities to upper elementary sports games.