Second Grade

Second grade presents the challenge of becoming more independent. Academic, social, and emotional areas will be developed this year.  In second grade, we are preparing students to be more fluent and confident readers and writers so that when they enter third grade they are reading to learn.  With increased access to technology, students will have the opportunity to apply what they are learning to technology while using applications such as Google Docs and Slides and other web-based sites.  

Integrated special units and projects such as a fairy tales, weather, animal habitats, and bats help engage student learning.  

The following subjects, with a brief description, are taught in second grade.

Whole group, small group, and individual instruction will be used to teach reading and language arts.  Guided reading, phonics, writing, and independent reading are the building blocks for developing the reading skills.  We encourage students to read independently at both home and school.   Highly engaging read-alouds, comprehension strategy teaching, and phonics instruction are a daily party of their reading routine.  

Language skills will be taught. We will emphasize such things as complete sentences, capitalization, punctuation, and parts of speech. Following directions and basic writing skills will be practiced.

Manuscript writing (printing) will be used the first semester. The second semester cursive writing will be taught.

Basic addition and subtraction facts through 18 are memorized this year. We will be doing addition and subtraction problems within three digits.   We will also teach story problems, time, measurement, data, geometry and money.

Science and Social Studies
Both Science and Social Studies are integrated into our reading and math curriculum.  The areas of life sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences, and healthful living are studied. We learn about our community, groups within the community, and the importance of working together.   Fields trips such as Science Central and the Ball State Planetarium help support our learning.

Every week we will have a spelling list and each week's list will study a certain spelling or phonics rule. The test with dictation sentences will be on Friday.