First Grade

The first graders at Albany Elementary will be introduced to many new skills and concepts throughout the year. There will be many opportunities for hands-on activities and engaging learning experiences while targeting the Indiana First Grade Standards.

There are many language arts skills that are taught during the year. Some of those skills include consonant and vowel sounds, decoding, writing in complete sentences, comprehension, reading fluently, listening and speaking. Word patterns are studied to help students become better readers and writers. Although there is a wide range of abilities at this age, we work hard so that all first graders are able to read first-grade books with accuracy and understanding.

Math is taught with opportunities to understand numbers and how to connect numbers to build concepts. First graders are introduced to many math skills that they will use throughout their school careers. Some of the math skills that will be introduced are counting, reading and writing numbers, counting money, telling time, problem solving, making and reading graphs, measuring, and factions. A strong emphasis is placed on memorizing addition and subtraction facts.

Although language arts and math skills are the main focus of first grade, social studies, science, health, and technology are also taught. Field trips, guest speakers, and videos are used to enhance the concepts in those subject areas.

First graders are expected to follow the Albany Pride Pledge to become respectful classmates. The goal for our students is for them to become independent and hard-working individuals that are ready for second grade.