Fourth Grade

As fourth grade teachers, we would like to welcome all future fourth grade students to our classes. We would also like to present a brief overview of our curriculum.


Basal reader (comprehension, decoding and analysis of words, vocabulary skills, main ideas and details, etc.), and novels. Book reports are required.


Spelling weekly word lists consists of 25 words. Tests will be given weekly.


Writing skills are taught in many areas and in all subjects. These skills include sentences, paragraphs, short stories, poetry, letter writing; parts of speech; punctuation; and speaking and writing correct grammar. We use the Cornerstone Language Computer Program.


Units are covered in life science, physical science, earth science, and the human body. Insect collections, Star Lab, science experiments, and other science related units are included.  The Science Fair is an additional expectation for all students in grade 4.


Data, graphs, place value, time, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, using geometry, fractions, customary linear measurement, decimals, and the metric system measurement. Mastery of multiplication and division facts are essential. Plato and Harcourt computer programs are used to introduce and review math skills.

Indiana History

The land and early people of Indiana, pioneer days, progress as a state, into the twenty-first century, map skills, government operations, Camp Tecumseh (every other year), Civil War Days, and visiting historical sites.

Along with our required curriculum, we will also practice good study habits and positive social behavior.