Welcome to the Albany Elementary Kindergarten Web Page. Kindergarten at Albany Elementary is a great place to be. It is an active learning environment. The children are given a great start to their elementary school career. It is important to have the children excited about school and excited about learning. Below is a narrative of the kindergarten curriculum.  We teach the Indiana Kindergarten Standards.  You can visit the IDOE website for more details.


Language Arts

a. listening skills

b. oral language development

c. writing skills

d. reading (readiness, decoding, comprehension, and literary skills)

e. print concepts

f.  phonological awareness

g. phonics

h. fluency

i.  vocabulary



a. recognize and reproduce shapes

b. recognize likenesses and differences (categorize and classify)

c. use and understand mathematical terms

d. count in sequence

e. recognize numerals

f. identify sets

g. form numerals correctly

h. develop the concept of ordinal numbers

i. develop knowledge of time

j. become familiar with the concept of money

k. learn to estimate and graph

l. learn to add and subtract simple numbers

m. recognize number words zero-ten

n. problem solving

o. patterns

p. measurement

q. one more & one less

r.  subitizing

s.  compare numbers

t. place value


Social Studies Area

a. the school environment

b. the people who work at school

c. feelings

d. how to get along with others

e. families

f. people's needs and how they are met

g. how we depend on others (community helpers)

h. communities

i. geographic relationships

j. use of a globe and maps

k. the changing environment

l. why and how we celebrate holidays and special events


Health and Science

a. personal health and hygiene

b. nutrition

c. five senses

d. safety

e. weather

f. animals

g. insects

h. plants

i. our earth

j. solar system


Personal Growth/Social Development

a. develop positive feeling and self-confidence

b. develop appropriate social/emotional behavior

c. develop adequate work habits

d. be encouraged to express thoughts and creative feelings


Perceptual Motor Area

a. refine fundamental movement abilities in the areas of locomotion, manipulation, and stability

b. explore and experiment with outdoor or indoor equipment

c. apply fine motor skills to daily tasks



a. experience different types of  technology

b. learn basic computer skills