Mrs. Jennifer Case

Individual Counseling

This counseling service is offered to students. They may be referred by their teachers, parents, the principal or they may make a self-referral. Counseling may be on a regular basis throughout the year, or for a short duration depending on the individual needs.

Classroom Counseling

The counselor has a year long program of classroom counseling. All classrooms in the school are visited from four to six weeks for courses in study skills. Classroom counseling is also done in first grade on identifying feelings and respecting others' feelings. In second grade, the curriculum is for identifying strangers and how to keep yourself safe. Third and fifth grade counseling curriculum is to help understand how each person is different and to learn to be the best ME you can be. Fourth grade stresses relationships and getting along at home and school with others.

Group Counseling

Group counseling differs from year to year, according to students' needs. Examples of groups in the past would include children of divorce, grief group for close relatives and friends, and how to cope with being ADHD.

Contact Information

Mrs. Case is at Albany Elementary School daily. She can be reached by calling Albany School at (765) 789-6102 extension #109. The counselor is always available for students and for adults, by appointment.